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Mulàn -Night

Serrrious Friday vibes from this mysterious London based trio. Mulàn’s wonky, disjointed riffs and percussion should (and to some extent do) completely mess with your ears, but it works. Have a listen:



Two Another -Keeping Me Under

The anonymous Londoners’ are back with their second track ‘Keeping Me Under’ which fails to deter you from pressing that replay button over and over again. Smooth, easy, addictive pop funk – that genre that’s indescribably euphoric. Whilst they maintain to keep their identity under wraps, their music is definitely making waves. Listen below:


Joon Moon – Help Me

This new track from the unassuming and unpredictable Joon Moon is sassy and soulful as hell. Comprising of Julien Decoret and Kansas hailing Krystel Warren, Joon Moon will be releasing their first e.p. “Chess” later this year under Kwaidan Records. This EP showcases a mix of precise and impressive pop and soul arrangements, these guys are definitely ones to watch: