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Ruby Sings at Ronnie Scotts

j appiah

It goes without saying that the up and coming line up at Ruby Sings never fails and last night was no exception. With endearing performances from Cherry and Laura Cortez and a hauntingly beautiful set with a little Irish twang from Eve and I the evening was off to a very promising start.

The beautifully fierce Mango And Lashes gave an immaculately concise performance to say the least. There is no hiding that the powerful ladies are true pioneers of the ‘real woman’ and ‘Mum’s the word’ rightful mentality. Their songs are full of childhood driven attitude and an almost Lily Allen style humour and sarcasm that makes you yearn for more of what they have to say.

Now, the main reason why I mustered up the courage to shed my unemployed state of pyjamas and crusty lap residing snacks for the evening and challenge the relentless rain was in fact to witness the talented J Appiah launch his new e.p Travelight. Since releasing his first e.p that boasted the sing-along crowd pleaser ‘I ain’t rich yet’ Appiah has certainly been putting in the hard work and my has it paid off. With murmurs of MTV looking to start playing his song Rabbit Hole I wouldn’t be surprised if he begins to cast a sturdy footprint in the UK R’n’B and even Pop scene. Appiah’s soulful passion for his music is axiomatic; he is clear whilst maintaining a nice raspy edge, charismatic and his little rapping debut wasn’t half bad either. Hats off to his flawless band too, they definitely deserve a round of drinks.


Black Jack Socialising


Last Tuesday night courtesy of Black Jack London, Detour City, Prose and Hugh graced the modest stage of The Social with their extremely talented presence and proceeded to completely wow the crowd. First to showcase their impressive skill-set were Detour City. The eerily entrancing yet effortlessly pure vocals of frontwoman Tabitha Benjamin teemed with the tenacious drum and bass and electronica rhythms of the live band were shamefully unbeknown to me before this evening but epic nonetheless. Tabitha’s soaring vocals have already been used by the likes of Bastille and the recent chart toppers Wilkinson on the track ‘Too Close’ and her other songs such as Merlin are equally addictive.

However this being said the stars of the night for me were undoubtedly Prose. Not only are the likely trio from Manchester bloody nice blokes but their music isn’t half bad either. In all seriousness their unique combination of country riffs and Mike Murray’s painfully honest rap vocals of songs such as ‘I’m Sick’ is nothing short of compelling. This was in fact the boys debut London performance and most definitely will not be their last. They will be playing again at The Social on the 3rd of Feb and I highly recommend you go check them out.

Detour City – Merlin


Detour City – Merlin

Gorgon City ft MNEK… ode to Florence?


The soulful and sultry tones of the fantastic MNEK (featured on the new ‘banger’ tipped to be the anthem of 2014 ‘Ready for your Love’) are infectiously catchy to say the least. The Grammy-nominated singer songwriter come experimental producer’s exciting career has spiralled in an upward trajectory since 2011, although his solo work is yet to top the UK charts it is all about to change for the 19 yr old in 2014. Gorgon City’s new addition to their musical alchemy is in keeping with the funky house vogue currently gracing the planet. Correct me if I’m wrong (and yet again without wanting to make comparisons) but the first three opening chords of ‘Ready for your Love’ bare an uncanny resemblance to those of Florence and the Machine’s version of ‘You’ve got the love’ yet simply in a lower key. The songs’ titles are equally not that dissimilar…could this possibly be a tribute? As we surely wouldn’t want it to be a copy…