Monthly Archives: May 2015

Daisy Vaughan – Light On Our Limbs

Beguiling voice, check out here:


Alex Burey – Family Stone

Alex Burey’s new track is confusingly entrancing. The long lasting intro lulls you into a mellow haze until the vocals graciously interrupt the riffing flute and spanish guitar.

Burey’s forthcoming EP ‘Family Stone’ will be released on the 13th of June but you can find him live next at The London Fields Brewery on the 28th of May. Well worth a listen.

The Chamanas – “Purple Yellow, Red and Blue” (Portugal, the Man)

In ode to yesterday’s Cinco de Mayo, Portugal, The Man uploaded the revisited Hausteca version of their song ‘Purple Yellow Red and Blue”. The band, led by Portugal, The Man’s good friend Manuel Calderon are The Chamanas, “they are “Musica Fronteriza” from the borderland between Juarez, Mexico and El Paso, Texas” and their rework is nothing short of spellbinding.