Hinterland Sounds is a music blog that aspires to discover and purvey new music that excites the hairs on your arms and makes you want to listen over and over again.

The name Hinterland Sounds was inspired by a conversation my Dad had at a drinks party with a self-professed music guru. In comparing genres that I was into at the time my Dad said, ‘My Daughter’s a big fan of dubstep’ (an arguably regrettable but essential phase). The lady scoffed and claimed that she, of course, had been a dubstep fan for many many years and it was in fact ‘so 90s’. Amused at her arrogance my Dad asked her whether she had heard of a new, fantastic genre his daughter had just got into called ‘Hinterland’. Although he had completely and entirely made up the ‘genre’ on the spot, the lady proceeded to nod franticly declaring that she too was a big fan of ‘Hinterland’ and had been for a while. So here’s to Hinterland.


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