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KLOE – Touch

Yesterday saw the release of the Glasgow based youngster Kloe’s third track. ‘Touch‘, resounding in all it’s pop banger glory can be compared to a down-tempo Swift or even an angelic FKA Twigs.

Listen below:



Owen Rabbit – Denny’s

Owen Rabbit Denny's

The Melbourne based artist Owen Rabbit drops his new release ‘Denny’s’ today which follows up his breakthrough track ‘Holy Holy’. His songs are experimental and confident, traveling to dimensions and tones you are least expecting. Denny’s’ chorus is painfully passionate, addictive and unsuspecting. Make sure you listen below. Nice work Owen!

Still Weeks – Lungs

The fact that this mysterious outfit from Newcastle has coined the phrase ‘bizarre’n’b’ to describe their music is just great. Seeing as it doesn’t mean anything you can’t technically disagree.

Whilst their alternative intensions of their debut track ‘Lungs’ still shine through there’s no denying the fact that it’s just a pretty tidy pop song. Listen below:

dateofb|rth – Figure 8 EP Spotlight

Released today, Figure 8 is the debut EP from Toronto based rapper dateofb|rth. Figure 8 is a chilled yet simultaneously dark hip hop collection featuring jazz fusion based beats and storytelling. According to DOB “The E.P. is a concept dealing with the circular nature of a father figure from one generation to the next (a ‘father-figure 8’), as well as the effects of our childhood experiences on our subconscious.” The positive/upbeat funky jazz riffs juxtapose the less so optimistic lyrics detailing a friend’s tragic trials and tribulations with abuse and alcoholism.

We had a chat with DOB earlier today, when asked about his origins and influences he answered “I started writing poetry at a young age. Fell in love with the rhyming patterns of hip hop and poetry turned into songs.”

What 3 words would you use to describe your EP?: 

“3 words for this project : ID EGO SUPEREGO.”

When we quizzed him about his hypothetical collaboration wish list he said that his “Dream collab would be a number of jazz musicians, jazz is just such a complex art with so many melodies and tempos all happening at the same time… And it still sounds amazing. No other genre today does that. Old jazz musicians like Coultrane or Benny Maupin, just to see how they would have worked back then.”

Does your work have a specific message?:

“Yeah the EP details a storyline of the influence of a father figure and the effects of past experience, but many messages are through the EP. Thinking critically about our thoughts, feelings, the importance of nurturing a child- many messages throughout that I hope listeners can find for themselves.”

If you think you like what you read, have a listen below:

Check out the EP below:

Lushlife/CSLSX – Body Double

Philadelphia hailing rapper/producer Lushlife is due to release his new album ‘Ritualize’ in February 2016 on Western Vinyl. This track below ‘Body Double‘ is taken from this forthcoming album which also features collaborations with the likes of legends Ariel Pink, Killer Mike, Marissa Nadler and more. This track, originally premiered on Ezra Koenig’s Beats 1 radio show ‘Time Crisis’, marries a beautiful connection of Lushlife’s hazy lazy hip hop roots with CSLSX’s low-fi dance influences. It is lyrically experimental and interesting to say the least – proof of the last three years hard work. It has paid off and we can’t wait for the full album.

Listen below and preorder here: