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There’s only 1 day left in the countdown to our launch party at Proud Camden!

Come on down for some incredible live sets from up and coming artists from across the UK. Dirty Harrys will be kicking things off on Wednesday night at around 7.30 followed by Ez Stone, Sam Jordan and House Of Lions. DJ sets to follow.


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The Wizards of Aus – New faves from down-under

There’s no doubt that Australia has churned out some musical gems over the years including personal favourites Missy Higgins and Cat Empire. Upon recent reflection it appears that more and more of our sonic obsessions seem to all be rising from down under. Here we share with you our handful of Aussie favourites who share that funky, chilled, addictive summer vibe that can only come from one place, sunny soulful Aus.

5THS – Sell it to me ft. Jarryd Klapper

Massive Attack esc beats, sensual sax solo and beautiful vocals make for a moreish tune from the extremely promising singer songwriter Jarryd Klapper. (Backed by the Aussie prod legend Count Bounce I doubt this will be the last we hear from both Jarryd and the 5THS project!)

The Kite String Tangle

Chilled and addictive dream pop/down tempo electro tones from Brisbane based Danny Harley. The Kite String Tangle’s first EP ‘The Vessel’ released last week, currently touring Aus.


Dark, sensual, soulful. We can’t get enough of the chilled R’n’B  (Jai Paul/Jamie Woon esc) vibes from the Sydney based group and have undying big fans since they dropped ‘Us’ last year (see ‘Sounds Now Playing). One to watch for sure.

Jordan Rakei

Another Brisbane based beauty. Rakei recently created a gem of funky track with FKJ to feature on his new EP ‘Take Off’. The song infuses Jordan’s jazz piano riffs and flawless vocals with FKJ’s dance/house edge beautifully.

Jagaara at Proud, Camden

We’ve been enthusiastically gassing about Jagaara since they subtly slid their first two demos right under our soundcloud noses. Let those easy and frankly futile comparisons to the sisteract trio HAIM be made; Jagaara simply strike a very different chord. The girls are beautiful, unassuming and not to mention effortlessly talented. They are admittedly fresh and their approach to the live side of things is satisfyingly raw with Jane’s stunning tones soaring freely over her sisters’ heartfelt harmonies in tracks like Marble Arch. The rest of their repertoire showcased last night was enticing and not to mention promising. Hopefully great things are in the pipeline for Jagaara.







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New Music: TROVES

It’s almost impossible not to subliminally tap your feet (and the repeat button) on TROVES‘ debut track ‘Youth In Decay‘. The trio from Brighton have stepped confidently onto the scene with this pop-y, electro infused number. The enticing and eloquent lyrics balance the jovial tones perfectly, matched with a perfect sing along belter of a chorus you can’t really go wrong.

Have a gander below:

I.AM.L – Lionheart


We dare you to listen to this track a few times and not become addicted. I.AM.L aka Lucy May’s track ‘Lionheart’ is emotionally consuming to say the least. As a powerful dedication to the Irish-born, Brighton based artist’s grandmother, lyrics like”her wisdom always fills the air” resonate with undying passion and pain.

The track’s introduction lulls you whimsically into a false sense of melodic security with May’s angel like trills until the listener is interrupted with tribal drums and an explosive chorus. The volcanic climax at 2:38 is like no other yet soon smoothly rolls into an exit much like the entrance: calm and beguiling. Leaving you thinking ‘where the hell did that come from?’

Hinterland Sounds Launch Party featured..

We’ve been featured on Twenty Something London.

Come on down to Proud Camden on Wednesday the 27th of August for the launch party! Featuring live set from fantastic up and coming artists from across the UK such as House of Lions, Sam JordanEz Stone and Dirty Harry’s it’s going to be a cracking evening.

Check out the feature below and buy a ticket!


Nick Hakim – Soul Chill Wizardry


Nick Hakim’s languid soundscapes are nothing short of faultless. His new piece ‘I don’t know’ is sensual and timeless with rasping electric guitar riffs and jazz piano trills that conjure an indescribable nostalgia. Now this is the kind of tune that accompanies a rainy day in the middle of summer, (the best of days as you know you don’t have to do a single thing if you don’t want to): The kind of day that welcomes back wooly socks and duvets juxtaposed by ice cream for breakfast or a bedtime bourbon.

Sample the soul chill wizardry for yourself: