Monthly Archives: September 2016

Mulàn -Night

Serrrious Friday vibes from this mysterious London based trio. Mulàn’s wonky, disjointed riffs and percussion should (and to some extent do) completely mess with your ears, but it works. Have a listen:



Rozelle – Closer

We’re verging on obsessed with the new release from Bristol based Rozelle. Today sees the release of Closer a huge powerhouse of a track, catchy alt-pop riffs and sultry vocals from the leading ladies. Definitely worth a listen to get you pumped for the weekend!

Seramic – Greg’s Love Ft Bootsy Collins

Seramic burst back with a real game changer of a track Greg’s Love. The tune is fresh, timely and a bit of a wild card as far as the rest of their material is concerned. It really taps into current Anderson Paak, Gregory Porter and gosbel esq led trends and is catchy as hell.

We can’t seem to sing it’s praises enough so we thought we’d add in their video for the track below. Subtle shout to the olympics – definitely a different take on the very popular ‘dancer improv’ vid. Smash.