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Today’s a good day..

We are huge fans of the Manchurian likely lads from Prose here at Hinterland. Today they’ve smacked up another hell of tune on their soundcloud. As we said when we first blogged about the band earlier in the year, these guys are special, honest and definitely need to be watched!

Have a listen to their newly uploaded track “Run with Faith”:


Hinterland Spotlight: VOIDS

We recently stumbled upon VOIDS’ EP ‘Begin‘ on soundcloud and were subsequently thrown into a spellbinding, musically dark trance. Their sound is original and intriguing, one that can gently ease you into the coming winter. We caught up with the Galway based duo and found out a bit more about how they generate that sound. Enjoy!
I’d love to get to know a bit more about you guys, so who make up Voids?
Andrew and Alison are VOIDS. Andrew is bass player/producer and Alison takes care of vocals.
When and how did you get together and start making music?
We started writing music together in 2012, around a year after we met. We got asked to play a small support slot for a poetry reading so we wrote a couple of tunes for that. That was the beginning of VOIDS and we have been playing gigs and writing music since.
Your beautiful soundscapes are intriguing to say the least, what or who inspires you musically?
Live music can be really inspiring, seeing local bands and producers do their thing. Recently taking the time to create our own sounds and percussions has proved to be inspiring. The right textures can evoke a lot. I think this is often a good place to start when approaching writing.
If you could sum up your style and sound in three words what would they be?
Laid back, moody, deep …maybe?
Has music always been Plan A?
Alison: Maybe subconsiously? When I was younger I took piano and violin lessons and always enjoyed writing melodies but never thought I could actually make a career out of music in any way. It was only a couple of years ago when I started working with Andrew that I really became inspired to write and started taking it seriously. I have been in a few different directions in life but music is definitely a fundamental part of who I am.
Andrew: I played music from a young age and always knew there would be room for it, I’m just glad it’s becoming more and more central to what I do.
I see you’re from Ireland and your upcoming gigs are taking place over there too, do you have any plans to come and gig in London or England at all?
Yeah, we’re looking into dong a UK tour at some point, hopefully next year.
What are we to expect from Voids in 2015?
More releases and more gigs, hopefully play some festivals next summer too. We’re putting together the next EP at the moment so that should be out early next year.
Also if you could have a super power, what would it be?
Alison: Omnilingualism – The ability to instantly understand and speak any language fluently. And flying obviously.
Andrew: Maybe healing, I could continue skateboarding without having to worry about breaking my wrists and ending my music career. Also flying.
If that sounds like what you’re into, why not check out their dark and captivating EP ‘Begin’ here: