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EP Anticipation


If FKJ’s last few tracks are anything to go by, his upcoming EP ‘Take Off’ is going to do just that. He has announced that the new numbers will feature soulful collabs from the seriously talented vocalists Madelyn Grant, Damon Trueitt and my personal favourite Jordan Rakei. With these fantastic names on the musical agenda it can only mean that FKJ has got some belters up his sleeve. The EP will be released on the 21st of July and we can’t wait!


Hinterland Glastonbury prep


Looks like we are going to be seeing some pretty cracking lunch time sessions on at the John Peel stage! There is no denying that Jungle’s set is going to be nothing short of epic.

Having heard the soulful rolling rumbles of Hozier’s ‘Take me to Church’ we were only ever going to expect a powerful future from the Irishman. Recently he released ‘Sedated’ and we just can’t wait to hear it live.

For the London based fans Hozier will be playing live at KOKO on the 17th of September and tickets go on sale tomorrow!

Nao, ergo eargasm

Holy Mother of Pearl! It looks like it’s a case of ‘by name and by nature’ for this one. ‘So Good’ is the new number from Nao vs A.K Paul and it is bloomin marvellous. If you’re looking for that summery, pool side track with a little urban edge, look no further! With the down tempo funky beat reminiscent of ‘Us’ by Movement and (A.K Paul’s brother) Jai Paul’s ‘Jasmine’  you can’t really go wrong.

Nao will be playing at Electrowerkz on the 15th of July, if you do one thing that week, make sure you check them out and we’ll see you there.

Have a listen below:

Track Of The Week:

It’s only Tuesday and we’ve already got a Track of the week! Released today, ‘Eliza’ is the brand spanking new track from Leo Stannard’s upcoming Notions EP.  The Leicester  based singer songwriter came on the scene about a year ago with the release of his tracks ‘I could say’ and ‘Lost’. A couple of weeks ago, in a feat to challenge his fear of heights and conquer that pre show adrenaline rush, Mahogany sessions shot a beautiful live acoustic session with Leo… 1000ft up in a hot air balloon…casual.

Don’t miss out on those husky tones, Leo is playing at The Lexington on the 24th of June…a week today!


Leo Stannard for Mahogany Sessions

Scarlet Pleasure = Guilty Pleasure

It only came out yesterday and we’ve had it on repeat! ‘Under the palm trees’ is Scarlet Pleasure’s new track and boy is it a summery little number. Admittedly a bit of cheese is welcomed every now and again and this tune with its 80s/JT/Bruno Mars synthy background jingle just makes you wanna don the dungarees, grab a mojito and dust the cobwebs off your corny, hip shaking dance moves. Have a listen below and just dare to prove us wrong:

Charlotte Haining


One of the new voices to appear on EDM tracks as of late has left the hairs standing straight on numerous limbs. Charlotte Haining intelligently lends her luscious vocals to djs and producers across the nation to use in their tracks, soundscapes and remixes across soundcloud and youtube, quite honestly a very clever way of getting one’s name out!

However not only do her tones naturally match EDM’s sultry vocal requirements but her acoustic covers are pretty dam beautiful. Have a listen to her acoustic version of her track with Champion below: