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It comes naturally for ‘The Code’.

The COde

Another great little dark, chilled R’n’B number has recently been dropped by the shamelessly sensual team that is The Code. ‘Natural’ perpetuates the group’s Jamie Woon Esc peaceful, layered production qualities yet feeds in a few experimental snorts here and there. I admire their daring positioning of percussion, i.e the syncopated ping pong style workings of tracks like 9.46. This, mixed with lulling r’n’b vocal trills makes their work both strong and rightfully confident.

Have a little listen below and see why we are excited about anything the future brings for ‘The Code’:


Jagaara – The Sister Act of 2014


Jagaara’s two tracks recently released on soundcloud are my new obsession. The passionate yet peaceful sister trio from London sound like they’ve been around for years. With a young country twang reminiscent of Jewel they are almost like a tranquil fusion between London Grammar and the Haim hermanas, apart from the minor detail that they can actually sing.

Their song ‘Faultline’ bares crazy similarities to a fantastic Vaizo remix of Smoothiesforme – Forbidden. This just shows the vast possibilities of Jagaara’s tones, I wouldn’t be surprised if their tracks were soon inhaled by an Alex Schulz or Klingande aficionado and skilfully regurgitated into the next summer soundtrack. Watch this space, great things are just around the corner for the beautiful girls.

Listen to the two tunes mentioned below:


He’s done it again, with a little help from a Siren

Another effortlessly flawless track from the production wizard that is SOHN. Laura Doggett’s track ‘Phoenix’ perpetuates a seriously sensitive and soulful set of dark lyrics that leave you with a gut wrenching emotional serge comparable only to the very best of anthems. The meaning behind her beguiling words seems simultaneously identifiable and yet bemusing. The juxtaposition of Laura’s timeless tone against the modernistic production gives the track a mature edge the stands it apart from the generic chart toppers. Let this enchanting, sonic masterpiece lure you in and leave you shipwrecked on its soundcloud shores..

Now this is what you call beautiful..

Nothing gets me more than an intriguing pronunciation of a lyric, whether it be John Lee Hooker’s lisp or Catatonia’s slurring ‘R’s it is yet another element to a song that becomes enticing. Lists’s accent sneaks so tentatively and endearingly into his phrasing and ‘t’s (in particular) making songs like ‘Autumn’ so personal.

The track Veil sees a passionate combination of delicately plodding keys, deep strings, Lion King or Imogen Heep Esc humming mixed so rhythmically with Daniel Wilson and Coldplay inspired vocals and crisply produced percussion. The product is a hauntingly soothing piece that leaves you yearning for a replay.





Now this is just what we’ve been yearning for!

Voyageur’s tidy EPs boast faultless, soulfully wide set vocals mixed with moody bass and soaring oohs. The randomly electric, mental sections (ie 1.12 of ‘Tear my Heart Out’) throw you off your chair and keep you on your toes. The hooking taglines like ‘I don’t want you, but I don’t want anyone else to want you’ gut you to the core and express a sentiment that no one in the history of mankind can’t relate to.

Relate below:



Something a little different from the Rocket

SPZRKT’s new release ‘Share the world’ is a very pop-y alternative to his earlier R’n’B mixtape ‘Lucid Dream’. The lyrics boast the classic romantic teenage love story which accompanied by jovial synths will no doubt soon be featured on a sunny Made in Chelsea panoramic scene shot. (That was a complement, the MIC soundtrack is faultless). ‘Share the world’ is no doubt a very catchy summer tune but where’s that grit we know and love?

Have a listen below:

Lil Silva – Mabel


It’s common knowledge that every R’n’B star needs their behind the scenes/faultless producer. Behind BANKS, the hauntingly beautiful vocalist from across the pond who’s fame is spiralling in an upward trajectory, there is Lil Silva. The 24 year old from Bedford has already been in the biz for 15 years and having worked with the likes of Sampha, Rosie Lowe and having racked up an average of 80 soundscapes a month, his work is almost impossibly impressive. Expect big things!

Watch the new video for his single Mabel below. His Mabel EP is out on the 4th of August!


Candian duo Majid Jordan making waves

The mysterious duo from ohh Canada Majid Jordan have recently been dropping cracking tracks left, right and centre, not to mention right under our nose! Majid Al Maskati and Jordan Ullman (signed to October’s Very Own), lent their talents to the megastar Drake last year in order to co-produce ‘Hold on, we’re going home’. Considering the worldwide escalated praise that this R’n’B banger rightfully received, the duo’s elusiveness now undoubtedly beholds a life expectancy of the short variety.

Their EP ‘Afterhours’ (originally released under the pseudonym ‘Good People’) emulates a serious amalgamation of genres and styles flowing from reggae-style syncopation to 80s funk and synths to Massive Attack Esc drones in tracks like ‘Tea & Coffee’.

Today sees the release of their first self affirmed product. ‘A Place Like This’ is a dark, trancelike, R’n’B number with production of the highest quality, similar to that of FKA Twigs’s haunting drum patterns. The duo’s piece marries the perfect combination of deep slurring vocals with sexy scaling hoots and trills. Sweet nectar of babylon, what are they going to release next!?