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SOHN hot right now


Today sees the release of yet another rework of the undisputed anthem of 2013, Disclosure‘s ‘Help me lose my mind’ featuring London Grammar. However in classic SOHN style, the almost hallucinatory pop classic undergoes a deeper, darker and somewhat nostalgic transformation. SOHN first graced the music production scene with his flawless presence back in 2012 and has since then maintained his sturdy and impressive position releasing masterpieces like The Wheel and Lessons. His production on tracks such as BANKS’ ‘Waiting game’ and Kwabs ‘Last Stand’ are equally nothing short of magnificent. With the turn of the year fast approaching and 2014 success predictions being thrown around left, right and centre eyes should most certainly be kept on this gem.

SOHN Help me lose my mind


Young Guns of London to the Pale Seas of Southampton


The intimate A&R themed Young Guns Network seminar at Universal studios was a fantastic opportunity for budding music lovers to get an insight into the industry and discover what it takes to ‘make it’. Basically the message was to work your ass off and network like crazy. Both Benny Scaars and Jai Francois’ tales of hard earned success where both awe inspiring and equally daunting.

Amongst the hoard of buzzing youngsters queuing to network awkwardly (myself included), I had the pleasure of meeting Andy. He runs the fantastic music blog Native Pop and he has also taken the band Pale Seas under his management wing. At Native Pop he strives to showcase the best music from the ‘alternative-airy-electro-pop-chill-out-indietronica’ genre that no one can really describe. Pale Seas are a four-piece from Southampton who have been battling the big city London life in pursuit of their well-deserved success since the beginning of 2012. Their 45 second intros of songs like ‘My Own Mind’ are flooded with nonchalant yet confident guitar strums reminiscent of songs like ‘He war’ by Cat Power. These tracks denote a mystical sense of melancholy that is both chilling and hopeful. Zealah Anstey’s angelic vocals scale gracefully over Scott’s Jake Bugg esc wide mouthed melodies. The simplicity of these female vs. male tones never fails to raise the hairs on your arms. When asked by The Line of Best Fit to describe his band in 5 words, the frontman Jacob Scott answered “Dark, Moving, Intimate, Ethereal and Loud”.

Listen to the Pale Seas below and spread the word.