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Hinterland Sounds Launch Party @ Proud Camden

We had a fantastic night at our Launch Party on Wednesday the 27th at Proud Camden. The south galleries room at the club is underestimated and provides the ideal environment for an intimate showcase. The Dirty Harry’s kicked off the evening with their jovial, teenage rock set reminiscent of Libertine early days. They were followed by beautiful acoustic sets from Ez Stone and the howling brilliance of  Sam Jordan. The night’s live sets came to an end with the explosive energy of the House of Lions. Have a gander below at a couple of snaps from the evening, if you like what you see come on down to our next show at Proud Galleries on the 27th of September where we will be accompanied by fantastic artists such at Gay, George Cosby, Native Roses and Corey Fox-Fardell.

House of Lions at Hinterland Sounds Launch Party
House of Lions at Hinterland Sounds Launch Party













Vaults at The Courtyard – Mind: Blown


Last night, Vaults’ first ever live performance at The Courtyard was nothing short of spectacular. I quite frankly couldn’t and still don’t understand how such an impeccable, professional and hauntingly beautiful quality was already so present in their performance before the band had even come into the public eye.

Blythe’s vocals are pristine yet powerfully gritty and effortless yet passionate. She is striking both sonically and visually with a ivory slicing haircut that refracts the laser lighting beautifully. The strings and percussion play an integral part in every single moment of every single song and leave you in nothing other than a heart-racing trance. Whilst ‘Cry no More’ and ‘Premonitions’ are on repeat on my soundcloud at the moment, once released, ‘Bloodflow’ will be the single in my eyes.

An absolutely smashing performance, Vaults are one to watch…closely….if not a bit obsessively!

Sassy Bo Saris


A purple velvet suit and silk tie clad sassy Bo Saris took to the stage at the Hoxton Bar and Kitchen and didn’t half strut his stuff! In all honesty I wasn’t a huge fan of his over rehearsed sign language style dance moves but boy can the chap sing. Despite the sound being a tad on the quiet side tracks like The Addict and She’s on Fire more than managed to quench my groove thirst. Huge credit must also be given to his extremely talented guitarist who busted out a funky solo which probably lasted about 10 minutes in the last song.

Theo Altieri and Only Girl with Blackjack Lnd

Blackjack London events never cease to please. fact.

Back in April I returned to The Social to see Theo Altieri and Only Girl. Altieri’s tunes were confident and catchy in a nostalgic, schoolboy, ‘early Kooks’, indie kinda way however the star of the evening was definitely Only Girl. Her humble, honest and natural aura flowed effortlessly throughout the set and the audience bared witness to her beautifully innocent song dedication to her other half: ‘Only Boy’.

Only Girl ‘Bittersweet’ is on repeat on my Summer playlist and it will undoubtedly be snapped up into the next inevitable Eton Messy/Kygo/Schulz summer house rework.

Until then, Only Girl is confirmed to play at this year’s Glastonbury Festival, I highly recommend you go and check her out!

The ever so elusive Ben Enalo


Little did I know that the NYC based Ben Enalo has apparently been putting down tracks since 2012. His music is entrancing to say the least, songs like ‘Barely Breaking’ are reminiscent of Zero 7’s dreamlike tones and ‘Gutter’ sounds almost like a down tempo Santigold. Ben declares that whilst his first work concentrated on the theme of perpetual darkness and the absence of light his new work tales quite the opposite inspiration. “Each song on this new album entitled “Windows With Light” are shades of light shone through different ‘Darknesses”.  With two albums under his belt he most definitely has enough material to satisfy hungry listeners…there just should be more of them.

Have a listen to songs like ‘Gutter’ and ‘Windows with Light’ and I bet you’ll be playing them over and over again.

Ben Enalo Gutter

Ruby Sings at Ronnie Scotts

j appiah

It goes without saying that the up and coming line up at Ruby Sings never fails and last night was no exception. With endearing performances from Cherry and Laura Cortez and a hauntingly beautiful set with a little Irish twang from Eve and I the evening was off to a very promising start.

The beautifully fierce Mango And Lashes gave an immaculately concise performance to say the least. There is no hiding that the powerful ladies are true pioneers of the ‘real woman’ and ‘Mum’s the word’ rightful mentality. Their songs are full of childhood driven attitude and an almost Lily Allen style humour and sarcasm that makes you yearn for more of what they have to say.

Now, the main reason why I mustered up the courage to shed my unemployed state of pyjamas and crusty lap residing snacks for the evening and challenge the relentless rain was in fact to witness the talented J Appiah launch his new e.p Travelight. Since releasing his first e.p that boasted the sing-along crowd pleaser ‘I ain’t rich yet’ Appiah has certainly been putting in the hard work and my has it paid off. With murmurs of MTV looking to start playing his song Rabbit Hole I wouldn’t be surprised if he begins to cast a sturdy footprint in the UK R’n’B and even Pop scene. Appiah’s soulful passion for his music is axiomatic; he is clear whilst maintaining a nice raspy edge, charismatic and his little rapping debut wasn’t half bad either. Hats off to his flawless band too, they definitely deserve a round of drinks.