Monthly Archives: February 2014

The ever so elusive Ben Enalo


Little did I know that the NYC based Ben Enalo has apparently been putting down tracks since 2012. His music is entrancing to say the least, songs like ‘Barely Breaking’ are reminiscent of Zero 7’s dreamlike tones and ‘Gutter’ sounds almost like a down tempo Santigold. Ben declares that whilst his first work concentrated on the theme of perpetual darkness and the absence of light his new work tales quite the opposite inspiration. “Each song on this new album entitled “Windows With Light” are shades of light shone through different ‘Darknesses”.  With two albums under his belt he most definitely has enough material to satisfy hungry listeners…there just should be more of them.

Have a listen to songs like ‘Gutter’ and ‘Windows with Light’ and I bet you’ll be playing them over and over again.

Ben Enalo Gutter