Monthly Archives: May 2014

Vaults at The Courtyard – Mind: Blown


Last night, Vaults’ first ever live performance at The Courtyard was nothing short of spectacular. I quite frankly couldn’t and still don’t understand how such an impeccable, professional and hauntingly beautiful quality was already so present in their performance before the band had even come into the public eye.

Blythe’s vocals are pristine yet powerfully gritty and effortless yet passionate. She is striking both sonically and visually with a ivory slicing haircut that refracts the laser lighting beautifully. The strings and percussion play an integral part in every single moment of every single song and leave you in nothing other than a heart-racing trance. Whilst ‘Cry no More’ and ‘Premonitions’ are on repeat on my soundcloud at the moment, once released, ‘Bloodflow’ will be the single in my eyes.

An absolutely smashing performance, Vaults are one to watch…closely….if not a bit obsessively!


Sassy Bo Saris


A purple velvet suit and silk tie clad sassy Bo Saris took to the stage at the Hoxton Bar and Kitchen and didn’t half strut his stuff! In all honesty I wasn’t a huge fan of his over rehearsed sign language style dance moves but boy can the chap sing. Despite the sound being a tad on the quiet side tracks like The Addict and She’s on Fire more than managed to quench my groove thirst. Huge credit must also be given to his extremely talented guitarist who busted out a funky solo which probably lasted about 10 minutes in the last song.

Theo Altieri and Only Girl with Blackjack Lnd

Blackjack London events never cease to please. fact.

Back in April I returned to The Social to see Theo Altieri and Only Girl. Altieri’s tunes were confident and catchy in a nostalgic, schoolboy, ‘early Kooks’, indie kinda way however the star of the evening was definitely Only Girl. Her humble, honest and natural aura flowed effortlessly throughout the set and the audience bared witness to her beautifully innocent song dedication to her other half: ‘Only Boy’.

Only Girl ‘Bittersweet’ is on repeat on my Summer playlist and it will undoubtedly be snapped up into the next inevitable Eton Messy/Kygo/Schulz summer house rework.

Until then, Only Girl is confirmed to play at this year’s Glastonbury Festival, I highly recommend you go and check her out!