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Mulàn -Night

Serrrious Friday vibes from this mysterious London based trio. Mulàn’s wonky, disjointed riffs and percussion should (and to some extent do) completely mess with your ears, but it works. Have a listen:



Nao, ergo eargasm

Holy Mother of Pearl! It looks like it’s a case of ‘by name and by nature’ for this one. ‘So Good’ is the new number from Nao vs A.K Paul and it is bloomin marvellous. If you’re looking for that summery, pool side track with a little urban edge, look no further! With the down tempo funky beat reminiscent of ‘Us’ by Movement and (A.K Paul’s brother) Jai Paul’s ‘Jasmine’  you can’t really go wrong.

Nao will be playing at Electrowerkz on the 15th of July, if you do one thing that week, make sure you check them out and we’ll see you there.

Have a listen below: