ELY – Isaac Plays

Currently addicted to this track ‘Isaac Plays‘ from ELY collective EP1 fronted by the London based producer and guitarist Henry Walton. EP1 is Henry’s solo project but with a number of guest collaborators invoking the world of Ry Cooder’s Paris, Texas soundtrack, Talk Talk’s Laughing Stock, Tortoise and Efterklang. This project is focused upon a singular vision but obsessed with the notion of collaboration. Henry used musicians in a way that allows them to play freely but would bend and arrange the results to his will. “I would play the song to them once and then the next play through we’d be recording…I want people to feel they’re more than a session musician because I asking them for more. I’m asking for a little of their identity.’

Take a look at the stunningly entrancing visuals for the track below:


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