Hinterland Spotlight – Sam Frankl

Earlier last week we posted about Sam Frankl’s debut release ‘Macondo‘. The track boasts a beautiful combination of entrancing lyrics with delicate pronunciation, intricate instrumental precision matched with a comforting rolling rhythm.. it is fresh yet accomplished and well worth a listen. Sam has very kindly answered a few questions in an interview over the weekend, read below to find out more…

So Sam Frankl, when and where did you start your musical journey, give us a bit of background if you don’t mind?

I travelled a lot as a child. I found singing was the best way to pass the time on long car journeys.  I had two tapes of Irish folk music and sea shanties that I played endlessly. I found them recently and went for a drive; I still know every word. Those songs were my pacifiers. They’d make eight-hour car journeys feel almost too brief. I’ve pursued some other passions in the last few years but I was always pulled back towards music because of that sensation; time just vanishes when I’m immersed in it.

What 3 words would you use to describe your music?

Too soon to say really but I’m working towards: ‘not half bad’

 Who would be your dream artist to collab with and why?

Leonard Cohen. He was whom my Mum listened to when she got sick of the sea shanties. I heard ‘The Stranger’ when I was 8 or 9 and it was the first time I remember crying when listening to a song that wasn’t in the Lion King. I doubt a week has gone by since when I haven’t listened to him. In terms of contemporary musicians, I’d love to co-produce with Nicolas Jaar, failing that; sing karaoke with Devon Welsh of Majical Cloudz. We’d sing Halo by Depeche Mode.

Now the name ‘Macondo’, Gabriel Garcia Marquez fan are we? What inspired the curation of this track?

I’m a huge fan. The track was written through the lens of 100 Years Of Solitude and Leaf Storm as a way to re-approach the well-worn subject of a long, drawn-out break up. Macondo is always portrayed as a town in a constant state of self-perpetuating despair; it seemed like the perfect metaphor. As a songwriter it can be tempting to become maudlin and indulgent when writing about heartbreak. Using the broad, almost historic scope of the book I felt like I was able to gain clarity and hopefully write with more poignancy.

Do you produce your tracks too and/or play all the instruments?

Yes, I produce my own tracks with my production partner LuQus (also one half of the beautiful new duo Dahlia). I do a good amount of the instrumentation myself but also work very closely with Meg Ella, a brilliant cellist/pianist/vocalist who has provided me with some breathtaking performances.

Is there an EP release in the pipeline?

There most certainly is. There’ll be a new standalone track, plus an accompanying remix out in November followed by a 4 track EP of new material in January. We’re just putting the finishing touches to that record now.

Do you have any plans to gig in London soon?

I’m looking to do some live sessions before the end of the year, which will dovetail into some acoustic shows in 2016. For now, the main focus is on the EP but there’s nothing more exciting to me than the prospect of performing this material live.

If you could have a super power what would it be?

Being able to morph into any animal, any time. No workday would seem all that torturous when you could spend your lunch break galloping down Old Kent Road as an Arabian horse. That would be glorious.

If you like what you hear, head over to his soundcloud page now and check out the track ‘Macondo’:


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