Hinterland Spotlight: SHAW

Shaw - Promo

Recently we caught up with the Bristol based singer-songwriter Geoffery Shaw, aka SHAW. Having stumbled upon his corker of a debut single ‘Where I’ve Been’ on soundcloud hours after its release, we thought we had better give him a call and see what the talented new-comer has up his musical sleeve. Unbeknown to us, this was to be his first interview…

Originally from Bournemouth, SHAW recently moved to Bristol for work, fitting caravans. He tells us about his strong musical past, influences and future plans.

‘I honestly never woke up one morning and thought “you know what, you’re destined for the caravan trade”. However that’s where I am at the moment even though my music is still my main focus’…’As far as my musical upbringing is concerned..my family all love their music. I grew up with a single Mum blaring out the Beatles records, she had a fantastic record collection.’

As front man and guitarist for Downtown City Gardens, this is where SHAW found his feet as a songwriter and performer.

‘I’d say that nowadays my influences are those modern classic, flawless songwriters like Damon Albarn, Thom Yorke and Jeff Buckley. I’m not so hot on finding new music, admittedly I will always have my Roxy Music and Decon Blue albums on repeat.’

‘When I first started writing I would take a lot of influence from other artists whilst trying to figure out my own sound. There comes a point when you stop thinking about it so much and the process becomes more natural.’

To date we’ve heard two tracks off SHAW, ‘Where I’ve Been‘ (available on SoundCloud) and ‘Easy Growing Days’ which is yet to be released. Geoff says that ‘Easy Growing Days’ is a much deeper song lyrically, than Where I’ve Been. ‘I wrote that song 3 years ago when me and my friends were talking about how much easier life was being a kid. Nowadays we’ve got bills and boring jobs, we wasted so much time back then and took things for granted…it’s a more melancholic number’.

With that description we soon delved into the meanings of his tracks. The cryptic ‘Where I’ve Been’ is about an ex girlfriend that he found impossible to shake off. The line ‘back way before I was absent and missing, I had an arrogance bold but believing’ just says, “what the hell have I been doing…”

With that noted it was now time for the quick-fire-generic-question round:

“What would be your dream collaboration?” – ‘Robin Pecknold ft SHAW’

“What’s your favourite song?” – ‘At the moment… ‘Helplessness Blues‘ – Fleet Foxes‘.

“If you could sum up your music in 3 words what would they be?” – ‘Classic, Lyrical and Melodic’

“If you could have a super power what would it be?” – ‘Time-Travel’

“What are we to expect from the future of SHAW?” – ‘I’ve got the EP in the pipe line to release in the new year. I’m heading back into the studio to record 4 or 5 really solid songs and just gig off that really. I’ve got plans to gig locally and hopefully keep building a following.’

What’s for certain is that SHAW is one to watch. If what you’re looking for is a raw, folky, talented young singer-songwriter to get really excited about then look no further. Keep those beady eyes peeled for the release of his next track and in the meantime rap your musical ears around this bad boy…


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