The Wizards of Aus – New faves from down-under

There’s no doubt that Australia has churned out some musical gems over the years including personal favourites Missy Higgins and Cat Empire. Upon recent reflection it appears that more and more of our sonic obsessions seem to all be rising from down under. Here we share with you our handful of Aussie favourites who share that funky, chilled, addictive summer vibe that can only come from one place, sunny soulful Aus.

5THS – Sell it to me ft. Jarryd Klapper

Massive Attack esc beats, sensual sax solo and beautiful vocals make for a moreish tune from the extremely promising singer songwriter Jarryd Klapper. (Backed by the Aussie prod legend Count Bounce I doubt this will be the last we hear from both Jarryd and the 5THS project!)

The Kite String Tangle

Chilled and addictive dream pop/down tempo electro tones from Brisbane based Danny Harley. The Kite String Tangle’s first EP ‘The Vessel’ released last week, currently touring Aus.


Dark, sensual, soulful. We can’t get enough of the chilled R’n’B  (Jai Paul/Jamie Woon esc) vibes from the Sydney based group and have undying big fans since they dropped ‘Us’ last year (see ‘Sounds Now Playing). One to watch for sure.

Jordan Rakei

Another Brisbane based beauty. Rakei recently created a gem of funky track with FKJ to feature on his new EP ‘Take Off’. The song infuses Jordan’s jazz piano riffs and flawless vocals with FKJ’s dance/house edge beautifully.


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