Candian duo Majid Jordan making waves

The mysterious duo from ohh Canada Majid Jordan have recently been dropping cracking tracks left, right and centre, not to mention right under our nose! Majid Al Maskati and Jordan Ullman (signed to October’s Very Own), lent their talents to the megastar Drake last year in order to co-produce ‘Hold on, we’re going home’. Considering the worldwide escalated praise that this R’n’B banger rightfully received, the duo’s elusiveness now undoubtedly beholds a life expectancy of the short variety.

Their EP ‘Afterhours’ (originally released under the pseudonym ‘Good People’) emulates a serious amalgamation of genres and styles flowing from reggae-style syncopation to 80s funk and synths to Massive Attack Esc drones in tracks like ‘Tea & Coffee’.

Today sees the release of their first self affirmed product. ‘A Place Like This’ is a dark, trancelike, R’n’B number with production of the highest quality, similar to that of FKA Twigs’s haunting drum patterns. The duo’s piece marries the perfect combination of deep slurring vocals with sexy scaling hoots and trills. Sweet nectar of babylon, what are they going to release next!?


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