Mandatory Mini Glasto Roundup

This year’s Glastonbury adheres to nothing other than the classic festival trend of the en masse group boogie vs the solo grooving mission. Of the copious artists personally and strenuously highlighted in the programme, shamefully the bare minimum of these shows were successfully attended.

One regularly frequented jaunt for the group this year was the Beat Hotel. With its increasingly impressive line up and the experimental cocktail menu, the Beat Hotel is rarely a disappointment. This year’s highlights included funky sets from Greg Wilson, Maribou State and Psychemagik.

Aside from the unarguable epics such as Dolly Parton, Black Keys and Massive Attack, George Ezra, MNEK and Jungle lived up to our escalated expectations. If we are being uber critical Jungle’s set was slightly on the repetitive side. After much discussion we concluded that this however was not for lack of talent in the slightest. The boys are tight, effortless and 100% the perfect crowd pleasers. The duo have clearly established an unwavering soulful style that perpetuates through their repertoire leaving the set lacking of lulls. Does their generation of hit after hit however have the potential to cannibalise the notion of the anthem?



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