Album review: The Acid – Liminal


Released today, the brand new album ‘Liminal’ from The Acid is dark, consuming and unpredictable.

Each track is both enticing and addictive, with every beat, murmur and note so precise and tentatively placed. No two minutes of the album are the same yet the melodies and percussion flow effortlessly over the best part of an hour. An almost inexplicable aspect of the sound collective that strikes a chord (so to speak) is how close the vocals feel. There is nothing better than feeling like the lyrics are being personally crooned directly into your ear. The sheer proximity of the slurring vocals in the opening track ‘Animal’ compared to the distant crackling guitars, droning tones and percussion progressions reminiscent of Phil Collins’ ‘In the Air Tonight’ are mesmerising to say the least. This is undeniably an album that will continue to surprise the listener with every new play; it is an album that transforms respiration into a conscious action.


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