Gorgon City ft MNEK…..an ode to Florence?


The soulful and sultry tones of the fantastic MNEK (featured on the new ‘banger’ tipped to be the anthem of 2014 ‘Ready for your Love’) are infectiously catchy to say the least. The Grammy-nominated singer songwriter come experimental producer’s exciting career has spiralled in an upward trajectory since 2011, although his solo work is yet to top the UK charts it is all about to change for the 19 yr old in 2014. Gorgon City’s new addition to their musical alchemy is in keeping with the funky house vogue currently gracing the planet. Correct me if I’m wrong (and yet again without wanting to make comparisons) but the first three opening chords of ‘Ready for your Love’ bare an uncanny resemblance to those of Florence and the Machine’s version of ‘You’ve got the love’ yet simply in a lower key. The songs’ titles are equally not that dissimilar…could this possibly be a tribute? As we surely wouldn’t want it to be a copy…


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