Scala – Hunter & The Bear

Last week I travelled to the interesting venue Scala in Kings Cross to watch Hunter & the Bear work their magic. I was admittedly uninspired by the seedy spiralled staircase into the labyrinthine venue, but to be frank, what more is to be expected from the home of the UK’s National Twerking championships. Yes, it exists. Thankfully with no Miley wannabes in sight the Scottish trio took to the stage and proceeded to blow everyone away. With their heart-warming country tones and folky rhythms Hunter & the Bear are definitely something to get excited about. Jimmy, Will and Josh are young, rugged and effortlessly talented. Their single ‘Forest on the Hill’ most certainly challenges the Mumford & Sons trend that is forefronting the mainstream charts and gives Lloyd Yates’ ‘Down By the River’ a run for its money. Whilst this song may verge on pop because of its fantastically catchy chorus, the band also showcased their originality, individuality and darker side with songs like Catalina and Wayward Son. This group is surely one to watch for the folk loving festival season next year.


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