Kid from London meets ex-Kid from Manchester


Supporting Bipolar Sunshine at Electrowerkz on the 20th of November the blonde bombshell Ulla Nova certainly turned many heads. Not only is she beautiful, she has a cracking set of pipes on her. Although her recorded tracks like ‘Kid from London’ fuse electro pop and airy vocals with almost hip hop beats reminiscent of FKA twigs vs Massive Attack’s ‘Teardrop’, live she projects a lot more soul behind her effortless belters. Without wanting to make too many comparisons she’s kind of like a London Grammar with attitude.

Ulla Nova – Kid from London

After Ulla Nova and a beautiful sing-along performance from Kimberley Anne, Bipolar Sunshine took to the stage. Many may not remember the Manchurian 6 man band Kid British but their lead vocalist, Adio Marchant, has since left his past of ska and rap and gone on to front Bipolar Sunshine. His beautiful, spine tingling ballads comprise of restrained guitars and Bloc Party style airy, unison choruses. There is an addictive sense of desperation behind his lyrics and samples of lovers’ quarrels from the hit romantic flick The Note Book echo this aching sentiment. All of this mounts up to a repertoire of fantastic songs that you simply need to play over and over again. Bipolar Sunshine will be supporting the chart topping Rudimental on their sell-out tour next year so there is no doubt that their success will soon spiral in an upward trajectory.


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